Tips in Ping pong that may help you achieve victory.


Tips in playing Ping pong

Well, racket games had a huge influence in the history of sports and now, in gaming. Racket games have evolved from those that require large spaces to play, and now evolved in something much in a smaller scale, a table. This table tennis, also known as Ping pong is played by many today, and its popularity doesn’t dwarf in front of any other game, in fact, a lot of players involved in this game are popular.
You may have already known this game before you’ve read this, but what you may not know are some tips that will certainly help you to get better in playing this awesome game, Ping pong.
Ping pong at first may just be a battle of physical attributes as who will get to throw off the ball without the other party hitting it back, but more or less it is more than that, it is a battle of mentality too. Confusing the opponent by mixing up serves of different length and spin will surely do the trick and help you win a ping pong game.
Develop a third ball attack. This means that you should have that sure-ball counter when your opponent receives the ball and hit it back to you. Having that third ball attack doesn’t only earn you points but a pressure to the player also.
Keep your eyes mostly on the opponent's racket when receiving a serve. If you have ever seen World Champion Jan-Ove Waldner play, you can see that he makes a quick glimpse at how high the ball is tossed, then watches back down to the racket. If you keep your eyes on the ball, the server will baffle you with his deceptions.
Find some cool serves to experiment with. Examples include a high, heavy backspin serve that bounces on your side near the net, on the opponent's side near the net, and goes back over to your side. Or you can go about 20 feet to the side of the table and, standing sideways, nail the ball on the side so that it arcs back to the table and opponent. Not only is it a heck of a lot of fun, trying these serves also promotes the development of 'touch' and spin.
Control your temper. When you are losing in a match, or have missed several shots in a row, don't get mad, get even. What you need to solve is the main problem, as I’ve said mental abilities are a great contribution in a ping pong match.
Ping pong is more than what it looks like and may serve to be a combination of mental and physical game. With practice and these tips, you may even win to someone who’s better than you.

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