Here are some ping pong mistakes that may result to your defeat


Ping pong mistakes you shouldn’t commit

Ping pong is a match that is concluded when one defeats another player. Though physical attributes matters highly in this game, it also doesn’t deny the fact that this game also involves mental attacks while you hit the ball to that other side. Since ping pong is a game and a sport like others, players commit noticeably and unnoticeable mistakes that may lead to his or her defeat.
Mistakes will definitely be a bummer especially if you’re winning, that’s why avoiding these mistakes are crucial. First is the gripping of the paddle. This is a common mistake by some especially beginners. Gripping of the paddle incorrectly may hinder the way you throw some hits and that will greatly contribute to your defeat.
Another mistake made by table tennis newbies is trying to guide the ball over the net and onto the table, instead of stroking the ball. This tends to happen when new players first begin to compete. They get worried about making mistakes, and try to steer the ball, instead of hitting the ball just like they do in practice.
One is also their lack of movement especially beginners. Some beginners hate moving their feet, so instead of following the ball, they just tend to bend and lean to the side where the ball is, then hit it. Remember, posture and your distance to the ball will give you a better stroke at it. By just leaning, you not only hinder yourself from creating a good stroke, you also contribute to your own loss.
Also, it is best that you know the rules. Lack of knowledge in the rules of Ping pong will result to you defeat. Well, at home you can play Ping pong just as you want but when it comes to the point where you’ll play outside and compete, not knowing the actual rules will have a great impact in the way you’ll play.
Lastly, be patient. Being a master of this game will take you years, so don’t go off thinking that you are the greatest player there is. Be humble and know the mistakes you may accidentally do. Ping Pong is not an easy game nor is it a sport that is easy to master.
Playing Ping pong with your friends and competing in a league doesn’t exactly differ much. It all comes down to the point whether you’ve enjoyed the game or not and avoiding mistakes like this will enable you to maximize the fun you’re going to get.

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