Here are some steps in Playing Ping Pong for beginners.


How to play Ping pong

Is it fun you’re looking for while exercising your body to its full extent but just within a limited area? Well, Ping pong may be the one for you. I’m not advertising or anything, I just want to inform you that table tennis, also known as ping pong is an exciting game that may help you find that zing you’re looking for.
Well, there are certain people who certainly want to get better in something, and also in ping pong. And in due time, with just a push and effort, you may also become one of this players with high skills that may deem to be truly a sight to behold. But in order for you to do so, you must first know how to play this game.
Ping pong is a game which involves two players. So firstly, if you want to learn how to play, pick up your partner. Find someone who maybe at your level or better, but not competitive. This will help you have more fun while just in the stage of learning. Once you’ve found the one, decide who gets the first serve.
There are certain rules in choosing the first serve but you may do so with just a flip of a coin or even giving the other party the first serve. Serve the ball next. In serving the ball, he ball should be tossed out of your free hand vertically a minimum of 16cm, and then hit with the paddle so that it first hits your side of the table once and then goes over the net and hits your opponent's side.
Returning the ball is also important. The ball must be returned after it bounces once on your side, but before it bounces twice or hits the floor or any object off the table. If the ball hits the net on return but still manages to hit the other side, then the ball still in game and the opponents need to return it.
In ping pong a point is rewarded to a rally that is not a let, and either opponent can score a point regardless of who served. Also, in winning the game, if you’re privately playing, you may decide the scores whether it be 21 or 15. But in official rules of ping pong, the state play is 11 points and the winner must be ahead of two points in order to claim victory.
Also, practice makes everything better and that includes in ping pong. Play more and more and develop your skills. You may also develop a killer serve that will grant you an instant point once you do so. This may greatly vary the results of your match. Ping pong is an exciting game, and this fact is true to everyone playing it. Just relax and be cool with every hit you make.

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