Pingpong is a sport similar to tennis, but is played indoors, not outdoors.


Pingpong: The Quick Basics

Pingpong, which is also known as Table Tennis, is a sport which is similar to Tennis but played mostly indoors. As the name suggests, the entire area for play is just a 9 by 5 feet table. Players use a significantly smaller racket than in Tennis. Although the area used in Pingpong is only a table, players can still use the whole area outside the table for play. The racket used in Pingpong is a small one, usually held with two fingers while the rest of the fingers along with the hand act as a support for grip and control. To win in Pinpong, a player must get 11 points first and usually take 2 sets out of 3 to get the victory. That would be the basics of Pingpong; but where does the sports come from? And what does Pingpong mean? Pingpong is believed to have come from the sound of the ball hitting the racket and the table, thus being the nickname of the sport. It eventually became the trademark name. It was the Parker brothers who got the rights for the name and enforced a trademark for the sport. The game was believed to have started at the end of the 19th century, but the equipment back then was very different from what is used now. Back then, the game used a bigger ball made of rubber and books served as a net, while rackets which had longer necks and bigger hitting area were used. Throughout the years, Pingpong evolved and the equipments used also changed. The International Table Tennis Foundation was formed and rules were enforced. The games became faster, and eventually, became part of the Olympics. Competitive Pingpong is popular in Asia and Europe. Jan-Ove Waldner was the first player to be inducted in the Pingpong Hall of Fame for getting a Grand Slam by winning a singles tournament in the Olympic Games, World Championships, and the World Cup. With an addition of seven others, there are now 8 Hall of Famers in Pingpong, all of which are from China.

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